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Laser Toner Cartridges  
Get Your Printer Toner Cartridge For Less

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At, we are proud to be one of the Internet's largest distributors of toner for cartridge laser printer models. When you're out of toner, we understand that you're also out of business. That's why we make sure that 99% of our orders ship on the very same business day they are placed. To keep your costs low for printer toner cartridge orders, printer ink cartridges and more, we also offer free shipping on all orders over $45. Even if your order is simply for a single printer cartridge or a small toner refill, our flat fee for orders under $45 is incredibly low.

Understanding The Difference Between Compatible Toner Cartridges and OEM

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner cartridge is a replacement cartridge manufactured by the original manufacturer (i.e. HP, Canon, Minolta, etc.).  These work great, but the manufacturers get all their profits from their toner cartridges (and not their printers), so the price of OEM toner cartridges is very high.

A remanufactured toner cartridge is a used cartridge where the toner powder has been refilled. The problem with a remanufactured cartridge is that all the internal working parts have been used, and it will likely have a short life and poor quality print.

A compatible toner cartridge is a used cartridge where the toner powder has been refilled plus all internal components including the drum and the wiper have been replaced with new components. A compatible cartridge will last as long as an OEM cartridge, because they both have all new components, bue at significant savings over an OEM cartridge.

toner cartridge schematic

Laser Toner Cartridge Schematic

Your laser toner printer uses static electricity to transfer toner powder from a toner cartridge to your printed page. Objects with opposite static electricity fields are attracted to each other just like metal shavings are attracted to a magnet. The key to a laser toner cartridge is a revolving cylindrical drum which is in the toner cartridge.  This drum is coated with a highly photoconductive material that can be charged by a light beam.  As the drum rotates, the printer's laser beam 'draws' the letters and images on the drum surface creating a negative charge on the drum in the exact image of what is to be printed.

Next, the toner cartridge coats the drum with positively charged toner powder, which is also inside of the toner cartridge. Since it has a positive charge, the toner clings to the negative charged areas of the drum, but not to the rest of the drum.

With the powder in place on the drum, the paper is rolled against the cylindrical  drum, which also happens inside of the cartridge.  Before the paper rolls under the drum, it is given a negative charge by a negatively charged roller. This charge is stronger than the negative charge of the electrostatic image, so the paper can pull the toner powder away from the drum.

After the toner powder is transferred to the paper, a wiper (similar to a windshield wiper) wipes any remaining toner away from the drum so the drum is perfectly clean for the nest page.

Finally, the printer passes the paper through the fuser, a pair of heated rollers, which is not a part of the cartridge, but part of the printer itself. As the paper passes through these rollers, the loose toner powder melts, fusing with the fibers in the paper. The fuser rolls the paper to the output tray, and you have your finished page. The fuser also heats up the paper itself, of course, which is why pages are always hot when they come out of a laser printer or photocopier.

It doesn't matter if you need a printer toner cartridge or standard printer ink cartridges, finding stores that stock certain makes and models can be difficult. Even if you happen to have the need for a very common toner refill or printer cartridge, the pricing can be too high. This isn't the case when you shop for bulk toner, ink refill kits and more

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