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Ink Refill Kits & Bulk Ink  
Ink Refill Kits & Bulk Ink Save You Money

Shop conveniently, securely and enjoyably at, your one-stop source for ink cartridges, ink refill kits & bulk ink

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Want to know how printer manufacturers make most of their money? Believe it or not, it doesn't come from the sale of fancy printers. The truth that printer manufacturers don't want you to know is that their earnings often come from repeat business as customers buy up more and more printer cartridges.

General Ink Refill Instructions For Do-It-Yourselfers:
There are more than 300 different kinds of printer ink cartridges on the market today. Each printer cartridge design differently, so it's critical to have the correct instructions and tools for your cartridge. Our ink and toner refill kits and instructions are individually designed for each different cartridge.

Here are general ink refill procedures to give you a good idea of what's involved:

First, locate (or make) a fill hole

You will find that some printer cartridges already have a hole that you can directly inject ink through, but it's not always easy to find. Our refill instructions will specifically tell you where the refill hole is and how to get to it (Figure 1).

Other printer ink cartridges, however, may not have a hole. This means you will have to make a hole to inject the refill ink into it. Some generic refill kits come with a small drill to create a hole, but we feel that the small plastic shavings that the drill creates will mix with the ink and ultimately clog the cartridge. Our kits use a hot paperclip to burn a small hole in the plastic, which doesn't create any cartridge-clogging plastic shavings.
Second, inject the correct ink into the cartridge.

After you have found or made the hole, you will need to use it to inject refill ink into the cartridge (Figure 2)). All printer cartridges use different inks (with different color shades, chemical properties and thickness), so it's important to inject ink which matches the original ink as closely as possible. The ink that comes with our refill kits is manufactured specifically for the printer cartridge it was ordered for - we don't believe in offering a one-ink-fits-all refill kit.

Injecting ink into a black cartridge is straightforward, because there is only one color ink (black) in a black cartridge. Injecting ink into a color cartridge can be tricky, because there are usually three different color inks (cyan, magenta and yellow) in a color cartridge, and it's critical to get the correct ink into the correct compartment in the cartridge. Our instructions tell you exactly where each ink refill color should be injected   (Figure 3).

Third, reseal the fill hole (or not)

Depending on the printer cartridge, the last step is to reseal the fill hole (or not). This is where many refillers make their mistake - some cartridges need to be resealed airtight in order to work, and other cartridges won't work unless they are left "unsealed." Again, our detailed instructions will let you know whether your printer ink cartridge needs to be re-sealed, and if so, how to do it.
cartridge with existing hole
Figure 1
 An example of a cartridge with a 'hidden'  fill hole
burning a hole
Figure 2
 Inject ink into the cartridge
inject the ink
Figure 3
 Make sure you inject the color ink in the right spot!

What printer manufacturers hide from their customers is the fact that printer ink cartridges can actually be refilled up to 10 times and still produce a great quality print. At, we're here to make sure our own customers have access to the moneysaving ink refill kits, bulk toner and other products they need to save money

It doesn't matter whether you use a cartridge inkjet printer, a cartridge laser printer or even a printer toner cartridge model, there are ways to save money. When your printer stops printing odds are high that it's not because your cartridge has worn out. Instead, it's because you're out of ink!

The reality is most printer cartridge designs are made to last longer than you're led to believe. The secret to getting more life out of a printer cartridge is to know how to add an ink refill, and to only use ink that matches what originally came with your laser printer cartridge. Each cartridge is manufactured to work with a specific type of ink, and will not work correctly with anything different.