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Ink and Toner Refill Accessories
cleaning cartridges Click Here to see our entire line of Epson, Canon and Apple Cleaning Cartridges - These cartridges are filled with cleaning solution instead of ink and are great for cleaning your clogged printheads.


Hole Burning Tool - $6.95- This is used to burn a hole in a toner cartridge so it can be refilled.  This operates with 110 volts.


Clog-Busting Plastic Needle - $0.65 - This tapered plastic needle fits on our syringes. It will form an airtight seal with the fill hole on an ink cartridge allowing you to pressurize the cartridge. The pressure f


Cartridge Sealing Tape - $0.95 - A reusable tape strip with an embedded square of silicone to keep your Inkjet Cartridge from drying out during storage.


Short (1.5") Needle - $0.50 - Our regular size blunt needle used to inject ink into most cartridges.


Long (3.5") Needle - $1.50 - Our extra long blunt needle used to inject ink into deep color cartridges.


Large (20 cc) syringe - $2.00


Small (10 cc) syringe - $1.50


Canon Set Screws - $1.00 for 5 screws - used to seal some Canon cartridges.


Canon Allen Wrench - $1.00- Used for tightening Canon set screws.


Red HP Plug - $1.00 for 5 plugs - Used on Apple M5658


HP Rubber Balls - $1.00 for 4 balls - Used in the HP 10 and 11 cartridges


Aluminum Tape - $1.00 - A six inch strip of our aluminum tape.  Great for sealing fill holes.

50 ml - $3.99
100 ml - $5.99
200 ml - $9.99

PrintHead Cleaner PrintHead Cleaner For InkJet Printers - Clogged print-heads won't print.  Cleaning the print-head with our PrintHead Cleaner can significantly improve your refilling results.

Find The Ink And Toner Refill Accessories You Need For Less

When you need ink and toner refill accessories, you don't want to spend a lot of time locating the supplies you're after. Sadly, trying to find needles, chip resetters and other necessary items is easier said than done. If you shop at, however, you'll find everything you need. From basic printer cartridges and ink refill kits to accessories and beyond, we've got the items you need to keep your printers up and running right.

Our ink and toner refill accessories line is extensive and includes:

1) Chip resetters - Since many printer ink cartridges require chip resetting to accept ink and toner refill kits, we make sure to have a number of resetters on hand. We carry the tools you need for a variety of different printer manufacturers, too.

2) Hole burning tools - When you need to refill some cartridge inkjet printer models, a hole may not already be in place. If this is the case, burning tools are the best to ensure a clean cut that doesn't damage the ink storage area.

3) Needles - These tools are necessary to assist in the ink refill process. Just like our supply of printer cartridges, this line offer variety for different requirements.

4) Syringes - When it's time to refill a cartridge laser printer and other printer ink cartridges, syringes come in handy for making sure the job is fine-tuned and not messy.

5) Other accessories - From the rubber balls needed for certain printers to aluminum tape to reseal holes, we have all the ink and toner refill accessories you need.

When you make the decision to shop for your printer toner cartridge or ink refill needs, you'll discover for yourself why we beat out the competition. We are the relied upon source for customers all over America and beyond because of our:

1) Affordable, fast shipping - About 99 percent of the orders we receive ship on the very same business day we get them. We strive for this speed because we understand how critical it is for you to get your bulk toner, ink refill kit or other supplies fast. We also keep your costs down by offering free shipping on orders above $45. Orders below this amount enjoy our low flat-rate shipping fee.

2) Concern for your satisfaction - We offer the best guarantee in the industry because we want you to feel confident ordering printer cartridges, bulk toner and other supplies through us. Our guarantee involves a one-year, money-back promise. We want you to be happy with your ink and toner accessories and more.

3) Dedication to your security - We use a McAfee secured website so we can make sure you are completely comfortable shopping online. To make your experience even more seamless, we accept a variety of payment methods. Should you so choose, you can even pay for printer cartridges and other products via a mailed-in check.

At, it's our business to make sure your company has the supplies it needs to run efficiently. From printer ink cartridges to toner refill kits and more, we have the supplies you need at prices you'll love.