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Omnifax WTL25 Compatible Cartridges
(Scroll down for Refill Kits and Bulk Toner)

WTL25 Cartridge- Click on picture for larger image
Omnifax WTL25    Price: $76.95

Black compatible toner cartridge
Yield: 2,500 pages @ 5% coverage
Replaces:    52104201, 52104501

Omnifax WTL25 Refill Kits
Refilling toner cartridges is actually easier than refilling ink cartridges. Toner cartridges can usually be refilled 2-3 times before the print quality starts to degrade. All toner cartridges are different so it's critical to have the right toner, tools and instructions for your cartridge. Our refill kits are NOT generic refill kits - the toner and instructions are designed specifically for your cartridge:

WTL25 BLACK Refill Kit   WTL25 BLACK Refill Kits:   Each kit includes toner plus instructions needed to easily refill your Omnifax WTL25 cartridge

Single Refill Kit - This kit contains 90 grams of black toner powder (1 refill) plus instructions.

Double Refill Kit - This kit contains 180 grams of black toner powder (2 refills) plus instructions. Best Value

Omnifax WTL25 Bulk Toner
This bulk toner is NOT generic toner. It is manufactured to match the WTL25 toner, and is
guaranteed to meet or exceed your current print quality. Order up to 10 bottles
Note:  You will receive bottles of toner only - no refill tools or instructions.

WTL25 BLACK Bulk Toner BLACK Toner - These Bottles each contain 90 grams of black toner and will provide one full refill for your WTL25.

Omnifax WTL25 cartridges are used in these printers:

Omnifax L 25, Omnifax L 34, Alcatel 9379, Alcatel 9379-4P8, ATT 9500 PPF, ATT 9520 PPF, DataMax DMX 3500, Detewe Varix Fax 2150, GCC BLP Eclipse 4, GCC BLP Eclipse 4-4PPM, GCC BLP Eclipse 8, GCC BLP Eclipse 8-8PPM, GCC Blp Elite, GCC Blp Elite 4 PPM, GCC Blp Elite 8, GCC BLP Elite II, GCC BLP II, GCC BLP II-4 PPM, GCC BLP IIS, GCC BLP IIS 4 PPM, GCC LP 12744, GCC LP 12919, GCC LP 13308, GCC Personal Laser Printer Ii, GCC PLP II-4 PPM, GCC Plp Iis 8 PPM, GCC PLP IIS- L, LaserComp Lasertron DP-4, Memorex 1704, Memorex 1704 III, Memorex 1708, Memorex 1708 III, Micro-Plex Solid 50 E, Nashuatec OF 2300, Okidata 410 OKILaser, Okidata 800 OKILaser, Okidata 810 OKILaser, Okidata 820 OKILaser, Okidata 830 OKILaser, Okidata 830 Plus OKILaser, Okidata 840 OKILaser, Okidata 850 OKILaser, Okidata 2100 OKIFax, Okidata 2100 Plus OKIFax, Okidata 4000, Okidata 4000 DOCIT, Okidata DF 110 OKIFax, Okidata DOC-IT 3000, Okidata DOC-IT 4000, Okidata FAX B-2000, Okidata FAX B-2100, Okidata FAX B-2100 Plus, Okidata FAX B-2300, Okidata FAX OF-110, Okidata FAX OF-150, Okidata ML 800 PSII LT, Okidata ML 800 PSII LT Plus F, Okidata Okifax 110, Okidata Okifax 150, Okidata Okifax 600, Okidata Okifax 650, Okidata Okifax 800, Okidata Okifax 2000, Okidata Okifax 2100, Okidata Okifax 2100 Plus, Okidata Okifax 2300, Okidata Okifax 2300 Laser, Okidata Okifax 3000, Okidata Okifax DF-110, Okidata Okifax DF-150, Okidata Okifax L-25, Okidata Okifax L-35, Okidata Okifax OF-110, Okidata Okifax OF-150, Okidata Okilaser 400, Okidata Okilaser 410, Okidata Okilaser 800, Okidata Okilaser 810, Okidata Okilaser 820, Okidata Okilaser 830, Okidata Okilaser 830 Plus, Okidata Okilaser 840, Okidata Okilaser 850, Okidata OL 400, Okidata OL 410, Okidata OL 800, Okidata OL 800 Series, Okidata OL 810, Okidata OL 820, Okidata OL 830, Okidata OL 830 Plus, Okidata OL 840, Okidata OL 850, Teleautograph OmniFax L-25, Teleautograph OmniFax L-34, Teleautograph OmniFax L-35, Telenorma TenoFax 361, Telenorma TenoFax 371, UTAX OL 400 E, UTAX P 610 /0, UTAX P 610 /1, UTAX P 610 /2, UTAX P 610 /3, UTAX P 610 /4, UTAX P 610 /5, UTAX P 611-1,