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 •  About Us has been in business since 2002. We carry an incredible selection of printer cartridge products, bulk ink and toner, laser printer cartridges and more. We even have the ribbon required for some impact printers and thermal fax cartridges as well. As a leading distributor of cartridge inkjet printer refills on the Internet, we strive to have the products you need when you need them.

Select your Printer or Cartridge Brand from our Complete Listing:

AB-Dick Abaton ABC ABS
Accrodyne Accufast ACER Acom-Computer
Acoma ADC Adcomp Addifix
Addmaster Addo-X Adler Adler-Royal
Adlister Admate ADP Advanced
Advanced-Comp-Tech Agfa Aitell Alanthus
Alcatel ALPS Alwright-Data AM-International
American-Datacom AMS Amstrad AMT
Analog-Tech-Corp Anderson-Jacobsen Anker-Data-Systems Antares
Antex Anzac-Comp-Equipment APF Apollo
Apple Applied-Comp-Science Apricot Arba
Aster Astro ATI Atlantus
ATT Aurora Axiohm Azurdata
B-and-E Basic-Four BCT-Computer BDS
BDT Becks-Import-Inc Bell-and-Howell Bell-Telephone
Berthold Bezier BGL-Tech Billings
Binder Binlock Birmy-Graphics BMC-International
Bosch Braegen Brandt Brinlock
British-Telecom Brother Bryce BTI
Bull Bunker-Ramo Buro-Actuell Buroring
Burroughs-Unisys Busicom Buskro Butec
C.Itoh Cado Cal-Abco Calcomp
Caltec Canon Cardentry Cash-Register
Casio CDC Centronics Centurion
Champion-Duplicator Check-Technology Citizen Colossal-Graphics
Comdata Comic Comko Comlog
Commodore Compaq Compuprint Computer-Automation
Computer-Identics Computer-Machinery-Corp Comstar Comterm
Continental-Peripherals Control Data Control-Data-Corp Copal
Cope CopyMaster CopyStar COT
Courier CPG CPT Craden
Craig Creed-Data CRS Cybernet
Daewoo-Teletech Danka Daro Data
Data-100 Data-Access Data-Card Data-Dynamics
Data-General Data-Printer Data-Royal Data-Tech
Data-Terminal-Systems DataMax DataMega Datapoint
Dataproducts Datasaab Dataspeed Datasym
Datatext Datatrol Datic DDC-Pertec
DEC Decimo Decision Data Decision-Data
Decision-Systems DED Dell Detecto
Detewe Develop DEX DH-Tech
Diablo Diacon Diconix Diebold
Diehl Dietz Dietzgen Digital-Associates
Digital-Check Digital-Comp-Controls Digital-DEC Digital-Design
Digital-Equipment-Corp Digital-Laser-Systems Digitron Display-Data
Easiprint ECI Econocom EFS
Eicon EIEN Eient Electronic-Forms-Sys
ELT Encad Epson Ergoprint
Ericsson Esper Esselte ETC-Peripherals
Europrint Everex Evolution-Corp Extel
Facit FAS FBJ Fontex-Tech
Fortis Fortronics Four-Phase Francotyp-Postalia
Friden-singer Fuji-Systems Fuji-Xerox Fujitsu
GBT GCC GE General Electric
General-Automation General-Teknika Genicom Gestetner
Getex Geveke Gier Gilbarco
Globalis Godrej
Hamilton-Gmbh Hanimex Hansen Harris
HASI Hasler Hazeltine Heath-Data
Heathkit Hedman Hengstler Hennes-Data-Corp
Hermes Hewlett Packard Hitachi HOH
Honeywell HoustonInstruments HP Huntress-Corp
Hypercom Hyundai
I-data Ibico IBM ICL
ICS IDE-Associates IEI Imagen
Imagistics Imperial Incotherm Inforex
Infotec Integrex Interface-Systems Interkom
Interscience Intertel IPC ISC
Itell Ithaca ITS-Hasler ITT
JBCC JCM Jetfax JRL-Systems
Kalamazoo KDC Kienzle Kingtron
Kodak Kode Konic Electronics Konic-Electronics
Konica Konica-Minolta Krantz Krone
Kyocera Kyocera Mita Kyocera-Mita
Lanier LaserComp Lasermaster Lathem
Leading-Edge Lear-Siegler LEDO Lee-Data
Lexi Lexmark Linotype Logabax
Logical Logitec
M-and-S Magnetec-Corp Mannesmann Marconi
Matra Matsushita Maverick Max-Electronics
McDonnell-Douglas MCS MDS Memocopy
Memorex Memotech Metronix Micro-Plex
Microboards Microdata Micros Microtek
Minolta Miroku Mirror-Tech Mita
Mitek-Systems Mitsuba Mitsubishi Mohawk
Monroe Montgomery-Ward Mopier Motorola
MPI Mufax Murata-Muratec Muratec
Nakajima Nasco Nashua Nashuatec
National-Computer NBI NCR NEC
Neopost-Hasler Newbury-Data Newgen NEXT
Nikkam Nikko Nippon Nixdorf
Noblet Nokia Norand Noris
Norsk-Data North-Atlantic Novajet Novus
Nurit Nutec
Oasys OCE OCI Okidata
Olivetti Olympia Olympus-Image-Systems Omnifax
Omniprint Omron Optima Ormig
Pacific-Data-Products PacificData Packard-Bell Panasonic
Panini Paradyne PCR Personal-Micro
Philips Piracomp Pitney Bowes Pitney-Bowes
PitneyBowes PitneyBowes-Imagistics Pixel Plumajet
Point-Four-Data-Corp Postalia Praesident Pragma
Pragmatic-Systems Prepress-Solutions Prime-Computer Primera-Tech
Printec Printer-Products Printer-Systems Printer-Works
Printex-Formspro Printronix Prism Privileg
Qantel QMS Qnix Quantel
Quantum Quen-Data Quotron
Racal-Milgo Radio-Shack Rapid-Print Raytheon
RCA Realtech Rebell Remanco
Remtor Rena Reppac ResCashentry
Rex Rexon Ricoh Ricomac
Riso-Corporation Rockwell Rocky Roland
Rosetta Royal Royal-Alpha Royal-Copystar
Royal_Copystar Ruben-Corp Ruf Rusco-Electric
Sagem Samsung Sanyo Savin
Scandata Scanset Schiffwill Schneider
Sears Secap-USA Seiko Seiko-Precision
Seikosha Sel SelAlcatel Selecterm
Selex Sfena Sharp Shinsu
Siemens Sigma Silver Reed Silver-Reed
Sinclair SKS Smith-Corona Sony
Source-Technologies Southern-Systems Spectrum Spot Colors (Quick Dry)
SRS-Imaging Standard-Register Star Star-Micronics
Stielow Sumitronics Summagraphics Sun
Sun-Express-Calcomp Sweda Swintec Synergy
Syntrex Systema Systems-Industries Systex
TAB Talaris-Systems Tally Tally-Genicom
Tandberg Tandem Taylorix Tca
Teal TEC Teknika Tektronix
Teleautograph Telefile Telekom Telenorma
Teleprinter Teletex Teletype Telex
Teligen Telxon Tesdata Texas-Instruments
Tidel Time-Share Timex Toshiba
Tosho Totalia Towa Transact
Transtel Tredia Triad Tricom
Trintech Tripod Triton Triumph
Triumph-Adler TROY-Systems TVS-Electronics Tymshare
UBIX Unicom Unidata Unisonic
Unisys UNIT Unitrex Unitron
Univac Uniwell UTAX
Varityper Vector-Graphics Verifone Victor
Walther Wang Weber Welco
Weltron Wenger Western-Union Westrex
Westrex-International Wincor-Nixdorf Wipro Woojin
Xante Xerox Xerox-Tektronix XLI

Trying to find the right printer cartridges at a standard computer or big box store is no easy task. Most only stock the printer ink cartridges that go with the models they presently sell. While you might get lucky if you try out several different locations, a lot of time and even money can be lost in the process. is here to take the hassle out of buying ink refill kits, cartridges and more

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You can run around from store to store trying to find the right printer cartridges for your machine. If you'd prefer an easier, affordable way to get results faster, just browse our selection. At, we have hundreds of different printer ink cartridges to fit just about every machine imaginable. There's no reason to settle for less when we insist on offering the finest products at the lowest prices.