These printers use the TN630 cartridge:
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          Brother DCP L-2500 D
          Brother DCP L-2520 DW
          Brother DCP L-2540 DN
          Brother DCP L-2540 DW
          Brother DCP L-2560 DW
          Brother HL L-2300 D
          Brother HL L-2305 W
          Brother HL L-2315 DW
          Brother HL L-2320 D
          Brother HL L-2340 DW
          Brother HL L-2360 DN 32PPM
          Brother HL L-2360 DN
          Brother HL L-2360 DW
          Brother HL L-2365 DW
          Brother HL L-2380 DW
          Brother MFC L-2680 W
          Brother MFC L-2685 DW
          Brother MFC L-2700 DN
          Brother MFC L-2700 DW
          Brother MFC L-2703 DW
          Brother MFC L-2705 DW
          Brother MFC L-2707 DW
          Brother MFC L-2720 DW
          Brother MFC L-2740 DW