These printers use the T073120 cartridge:
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          Epson Stylus C-79
          Epson Stylus C-90
          Epson Stylus C-110
          Epson Stylus C-97300
          Epson Stylus CX-3900
          Epson Stylus CX-4900
          Epson Stylus CX-5500
          Epson Stylus CX-5900
          Epson Stylus CX-6900 F
          Epson Stylus CX-7300
          Epson Stylus CX-8300
          Epson Stylus T-20
          Epson Stylus T-21
          Epson Stylus TX-100
          Epson Stylus TX-110
          Epson Stylus TX-200
          Epson Stylus TX-210
          Epson Stylus TX-400
          Epson Stylus TX-410
          Epson Stylus TX-550 W
          Epson Stylus Office T-30
          Epson Stylus Office T-40 W
          Epson Stylus Office TX-300 F
          Epson Stylus Office TX-510 FN
          Epson Stylus Office TX-600 FW
          Epson Stylus Office TX-610 FW