These printers use the T044220 cartridge:
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          Epson CX 6400
          Epson Stylus C-63
          Epson Stylus C-64
          Epson Stylus C-65
          Epson Stylus C-66
          Epson Stylus C-83
          Epson Stylus C-84
          Epson Stylus C-84 N
          Epson Stylus C-84 WIFI
          Epson Stylus C-84 WN
          Epson Stylus C-86
          Epson Stylus CX-3600
          Epson Stylus CX-3650
          Epson Stylus CX-4600
          Epson Stylus CX-6300
          Epson Stylus CX-6400
          Epson Stylus CX-6600