These printers use the PG-50 cartridge:
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          Canon Fax JX-200
          Canon Fax JX-210 P
          Canon Pixma IP-1200
          Canon Pixma IP-1300
          Canon Pixma IP-1600
          Canon Pixma IP-1700
          Canon Pixma IP-1800
          Canon Pixma IP-1900
          Canon Pixma IP-2200
          Canon Pixma IP-2500
          Canon Pixma IP-2600
          Canon Pixma MP-140
          Canon Pixma MP-150
          Canon Pixma MP-160
          Canon Pixma MP-170
          Canon Pixma MP-180
          Canon Pixma MP-190
          Canon Pixma MP-220
          Canon Pixma MP-460
          Canon Pixma MP-470
          Canon Pixma MX-300
          Canon Pixma MX-310
          Canon Pixus IP-2500
          Canon Pixus MP-170
          Canon Pixus MP-460