These printers use the PG-240 cartridge:
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          Canon Pixma MG-2120
          Canon Pixma MG-2140
          Canon Pixma MG-2220
          Canon Pixma MG-3120
          Canon Pixma MG-3122
          Canon Pixma MG-3140
          Canon Pixma MG-3220
          Canon Pixma MG-3520
          Canon Pixma MG-3522
          Canon Pixma MG-3620
          Canon Pixma MG-4120
          Canon Pixma MG-4140
          Canon Pixma MG-4220
          Canon Pixma MG-4250
          Canon Pixma MX-372
          Canon Pixma MX-374
          Canon Pixma MX-392
          Canon Pixma MX-432
          Canon Pixma MX-434
          Canon Pixma MX-439
          Canon Pixma MX-450
          Canon Pixma MX-452
          Canon Pixma MX-459
          Canon Pixma MX-470
          Canon Pixma MX-472
          Canon Pixma MX-479
          Canon Pixma MX-512
          Canon Pixma MX-514
          Canon Pixma MX-522
          Canon Pixma MX-532
          Canon Pixma TS-5120