These printers use the LC61M cartridge:
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          Brother DCP 165 C
          Brother DCP 375 CW
          Brother DCP 385 C
          Brother DCP 395 CN
          Brother DCP 585 CW
          Brother DCP 6690 CW
          Brother DCP J-125
          Brother DCP J-140 W
          Brother DCP J-715 W
          Brother MFC 250 C
          Brother MFC 255 CW
          Brother MFC 290 C
          Brother MFC 295 CN
          Brother MFC 490 CW
          Brother MFC 495 CW
          Brother MFC 790 CW
          Brother MFC 795 CW
          Brother MFC 990 CW
          Brother MFC 5490 CN
          Brother MFC 5890 CN
          Brother MFC 5895 CW
          Brother MFC 6490 CW
          Brother MFC 6890 CDW
          Brother MFC 6890 DW
          Brother MFC J-220
          Brother MFC J-265 W
          Brother MFC J-270 W
          Brother MFC J-410 W
          Brother MFC J-415 W
          Brother MFC J-615 W
          Brother MFC J-630
          Brother MFC J-630 W