These printers use the LC103Y cartridge:
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          Brother DCP J-132 W
          Brother DCP J-152W
          Brother DCP J-172 W
          Brother DCP J-552 DW
          Brother DCP J-752 DW
          Brother DCP J-4110 DW
          Brother MFC J-245
          Brother MFC J-285DW
          Brother MFC J-450DW
          Brother MFC J-470DW
          Brother MFC J-475DW
          Brother MFC J-650DW
          Brother MFC J-870DW
          Brother MFC J-875DW
          Brother MFC J-4310 DW
          Brother MFC J-4410 DW
          Brother MFC J-4510 DW
          Brother MFC J-4610 DW
          Brother MFC J-4710 DW
          Brother MFC J-6520 DW
          Brother MFC J-6720 DW
          Brother MFC J-6920 DW