These printers use the L50 cartridge:
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          Canon ImageClass D-620
          Canon ImageClass D-620 inchNinch
          Canon ImageClass D-620 N
          Canon ImageClass D-660
          Canon ImageClass D-661
          Canon ImageClass D-680
          Canon ImageClass D-760
          Canon ImageClass D-761
          Canon ImageClass D-780
          Canon ImageClass D-780 RF
          Canon ImageClass D-781
          Canon ImageClass D-860
          Canon ImageClass D-861
          Canon ImageClass D-880
          Canon ImageClass D-880 RF
          Canon PC 1060
          Canon PC 1061
          Canon PC 1080 F
          Canon PC 1210 D
          Canon PC 1230 D
          Canon PC 1250 inchN CTGinch
          Canon PC 1250 N
          Canon PC 1270 D
          Canon SmartBase PC 1200 Series
          Canon SmartBase PC 1210 D
          Canon SmartBase PC 1230 D
          Canon SmartBase PC 1270 D