These printers use the KX-PDM5 cartridge:
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          Panasonic KV-SP 500
          Panasonic KV-SP 505
          Panasonic KX-F 511
          Panasonic KX-F 511 File System
          Panasonic KX-F 551
          Panasonic KX-F 551 File System
          Panasonic KX-F 3000 G
          Panasonic KX-F 3000 G Fax
          Panasonic KX-P 4410
          Panasonic KX-P 4410 S
          Panasonic KX-P 4430
          Panasonic KX-P 4440
          Panasonic KX-P 5410
          Panasonic KX-P 5440
          Panasonic PanaFax UF-766
          Panasonic Sidewriter 4440
          Panasonic Sidewriter 5400
          Roland DG LP-510
          Roland DG LP-530
          Roland DG LP-570 PS
          Roland DG LP-1030
          Roland LP 410
          Roland LP 410-1
          Roland LP 530
          Roland LP 570 PS
          Roland LP 1070 PS
          Roland Raven LP-410
          Roland Raven LP-410-1
          Roland Raven LP-510
          Roland Raven LP-530
          Roland Raven LP-570 PS
          Roland Raven LP-570 S
          Roland Raven LP-1030
          Roland Raven LP-1070 PS
          Roland Raven LP-3010
          Siemens Fax 570