These printers use the IR-91B cartridge:
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          Citizen CBM-910
          Citizen CBM-911
          Citizen CBM-920
          Citizen iDP-3110
          Citizen iDP-3111
          Citizen MD-910
          Citizen MD-911
          Casio CE 280
          Casio CE 285
          Casio CE 300
          Casio TK 800
          Casio 298
          Casio 298 SR
          Konic-Electronics SR-508
          Konic-Electronics SR-514
          Nikkam 4009
          Nikkam 4010
          Nikkam YK 2808
          Nikkam YK 4100
          Nurit 2060
          Nurit 2070
          Olivetti OL 2000
          Olivetti OL 2001
          Olivetti OL 2002
          Olivetti OL 2003
          Olivetti OL 2004
          Olivetti OL 2005
          Olivetti OL 2508
          Olivetti OL 3508
          Olivetti OL 3608
          Olympia CM-698R
          Olympia CM-730
          Olympia CM-735
          Olympia CM-888
          Olympia CM-888 K
          Olympia CM-898
          Olympia CM-898 R
          Olympia CM-899
          Omniprint OPC-910
          Walther ECR 82
          Walther ECR 88