These printers use the FX2 cartridge:
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          Canon Fax 600
          Canon Fax 5500
          Canon Fax L-500
          Canon Fax L-550
          Canon Fax L-600
          Canon Fax L-7000
          Canon Fax L-7100
          Canon Fax LS-5000
          Canon FaxPhone L-500
          Canon FaxPhone L-550
          Canon FaxPhone L-600
          Canon FaxPhone L-5000
          Canon FaxPhone L-5500
          Canon FaxPhone L-7000
          Canon FaxPhone L-7500
          Canon FaxPhone L-9550
          Canon L 500
          Canon L 550
          Canon L 600
          Canon L 5000
          Canon L 5500
          Canon L 7000
          Canon L 7500
          Canon Laser CLass 5000
          Canon Laser CLass 5500
          Canon Laser CLass 7000
          Canon Laser CLass 7500
          Canon Laser Fax 5000
          Canon Laser Fax 5500
          Canon Laser Fax 7000
          Canon Laser Fax 7500
          Canon LaserClass 7100
          Canon LaserClass 7700
          Canon LC 5000 Fax
          Canon LC 5500 Fax
          Canon LC 7000 Fax
          Canon LC 7500 Fax
          Canon LS 5000 Fax