These printers use the DR820 cartridge:
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          Brother DCP L-5500-DN
          Brother DCP L-5600-DN
          Brother DCP L-5650-DN
          Brother DCP L-6600 DW
          Brother HL L-5000-D
          Brother HL L-5100-DN
          Brother HL L-5200-DW
          Brother HL L-5200-DWT
          Brother HL L-6200-DW
          Brother HL L-6200-DWT
          Brother HL L-6250-DW
          Brother HL L-6300-DW
          Brother HL L-6400-DW
          Brother HL-L 6400-DWT
          Brother HL L-5100 DNT
          Brother HL L-6250 DN
          Brother HL L-6300 DWT
          Brother HL L-6400 DWG
          Brother HL L-6400 DWX
          Brother MFC L-5700-DW
          Brother MFC L-5800-DW
          Brother MFC L-5850-DW
          Brother MFC L-5900-DW
          Brother MFC L-6700-DW
          Brother MFC L-6750-DW
          Brother MFC L-6800-DW
          Brother MFC L-6900-DW
          Brother MFC L-5700 DN
          Brother MFC L-5750 DW
          Brother MFC L-6800 DWT
          Brother MFC L-6900 DWG
          Brother MFC L-6900 DWT
          Brother MFC L-6900 DWX