These printers use the CLI-8M cartridge:
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          Canon Aspen Color Printer
          Canon IX 4000
          Canon IX 4000 A3
          Canon IX 5000
          Canon IX 5000 A3
          Canon Pixma IP-3300
          Canon Pixma IP-3500
          Canon Pixma IP-4200
          Canon Pixma IP-4300
          Canon Pixma IP-4500
          Canon Pixma IP-5200
          Canon Pixma IP-5200 R
          Canon Pixma IP-5300
          Canon Pixma IP-6600 D
          Canon Pixma IP-6700 D
          Canon Pixma Ix-4000
          Canon Pixma Ix-5000
          Canon Pixma MP-500
          Canon Pixma MP-510
          Canon Pixma MP-520
          Canon Pixma MP-530
          Canon Pixma MP-600
          Canon Pixma MP-600 R
          Canon Pixma MP-610
          Canon Pixma MP-800
          Canon Pixma MP-800 R
          Canon Pixma MP-810
          Canon Pixma MP-830
          Canon Pixma MP-950
          Canon Pixma MP-960
          Canon Pixma MP-970
          Canon Pixma MX-700
          Canon Pixma MX-850
          Canon Pixma Pro 9000
          Canon Pixma Pro 9000 MARK II
          Canon Pixus ICP 6100 D
          Canon Pixus IP-3300
          Canon Pixus IP-4100
          Canon Pixus IP-4100 R
          Canon Pixus IP-4200
          Canon Pixus IP-4300
          Canon Pixus IP-6100 D
          Canon Pixus IP-6600 D
          Canon Pixus IP-6700 D
          Canon Pixus IP-7100
          Canon Pixus IP-7500
          Canon Pixus IP-8100
          Canon Pixus IP-8600
          Canon Pixus IP-9910
          Canon Pixus IX-5000
          Canon Pixus MP-500
          Canon Pixus MP-510
          Canon Pixus MP-600
          Canon Pixus MP-770
          Canon Pixus MP-790
          Canon Pixus MP-800
          Canon Pixus MP-810
          Canon Pixus MP-830
          Canon Pixus MP-900
          Canon Pixus MP-950
          Canon Pixus MP-960
          Canon PIXUS Pro 9000