These printers use the CLI-251XLY cartridge:
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          Canon Pixma IP-7220
          Canon Pixma IP-7250
          Canon Pixma IP-8720
          Canon Pixma IP-8750
          Canon Pixma IX-6820
          Canon Pixma IX-6850
          Canon Pixma MG-5420
          Canon Pixma MG-5422
          Canon Pixma MG-5450
          Canon Pixma MG-5520
          Canon Pixma MG-5522
          Canon Pixma MG-5550
          Canon Pixma MG-5620
          Canon Pixma MG-5622
          Canon Pixma MG-5650
          Canon Pixma MG-6320
          Canon Pixma MG-6350
          Canon Pixma MG-6420
          Canon Pixma MG-6450
          Canon Pixma MG-6620
          Canon Pixma MG-6650
          Canon Pixma MG-7120
          Canon Pixma MG-7150
          Canon Pixma MG-7520
          Canon Pixma MG-7550
          Canon Pixma MG-7750
          Canon Pixma MX-722
          Canon Pixma MX-725
          Canon Pixma MX-920
          Canon Pixma MX-922
          Canon Pixma MX-925