These printers use the CLI-226Y cartridge:
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          Canon Pixma IP-4820
          Canon Pixma IP-4850
          Canon Pixma IP-4920
          Canon Pixma IP-4950
          Canon Pixma IX-6520
          Canon Pixma MG-5120
          Canon Pixma MG-5150
          Canon Pixma MG-5220
          Canon Pixma MG-5320
          Canon Pixma MG-6120
          Canon Pixma MG-6150
          Canon Pixma MG-6220
          Canon Pixma MG-6250
          Canon Pixma IX-6550
          Canon Pixma MG-8120
          Canon Pixma MG-8150
          Canon Pixma MG-8220
          Canon Pixma MG-8250
          Canon Pixma MX-712
          Canon Pixma MX-715
          Canon Pixma MX-882
          Canon Pixma MX-885
          Canon Pixma MX-890
          Canon Pixma MX-892