These printers use the CLI-221Y cartridge:
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          Canon Pixma IP-3600
          Canon Pixma IP-4600
          Canon Pixma IP-4700
          Canon Pixma MP-540
          Canon Pixma MP-550
          Canon Pixma MP-560
          Canon Pixma MP-620
          Canon Pixma MP-630
          Canon Pixma MP-640
          Canon Pixma MP-640 R
          Canon Pixma MP-980
          Canon Pixma MP-990
          Canon Pixma MX-860
          Canon Pixma MX-870
          Canon Pixma PMFP 1
          Canon Pixma PMFP 3
          Canon Pixma SFP 1
          Canon Pixma SFP 2
          Canon PIXUS MP-610
          Canon PIXUS MX-860