These printers use the CE278X cartridge:
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          HP LaserJet Pro 1566
          HP LaserJet Pro 1606
          HP LaserJet Pro 1606DN
          HP LaserJet Pro M-1536 DNF
          HP LaserJet Pro M-1537 DNF
          HP LaserJet Pro P-1536 DNF
          HP LaserJet Pro P1566
          HP LaserJet Pro P-1606
          HP LaserJet Pro P-1606 DN
          Canon FaxPhone L-100
          Canon i Sensys MF-4410
          Canon i Sensys MF-4430
          Canon i Sensys MF-4550
          Canon i Sensys MF-4570
          Canon i Sensys MF-4580
          Canon i Sensys MF-4730
          Canon i Sensys MF-4750
          Canon i Sensys MF-4780 W
          Canon ImageClass D-530
          Canon ImageClass D-550
          Canon imageCLASS D-560
          Canon ImageClass MF-4412
          Canon imageCLASS MF-4420
          Canon ImageClass MF-4420 N
          Canon ImageClass MF-4450
          Canon ImageClass MF-4550
          Canon ImageClass MF-4550 D
          Canon ImageClass MF-4570 DN
          Canon ImageClass MF-4570 DW
          Canon ImageClass MF-4580 DN
          Canon ImageClass MF-4770 N
          Canon ImageClass MF-4880 DW
          Canon ImageClass MF-4890 DW
          Canon Satera MF-4410
          Canon Satera MF-4420
          Canon Satera MF-4430
          Canon Satera MF-4450
          Canon Satera MF-4550
          Canon Satera MF-4570
          Canon Satera MF-4580