These printers use the CB304AN cartridge:
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          HP Photosmart A-310
          HP PhotoSmart A-320
          HP Photosmart A-430
          HP Photosmart A-432
          HP Photosmart A-433
          HP Photosmart A-434
          HP Photosmart A-436
          HP Photosmart A-440
          HP Photosmart A-442
          HP Photosmart A-444
          HP Photosmart A-445
          HP Photosmart A-446
          HP Photosmart A-510
          HP Photosmart A-516
          HP Photosmart A-522
          HP PhotoSmart A-525 COMPACT Photo
          HP Photosmart A-526
          HP PhotoSmart A-528 COMPACT Photo
          HP Photosmart A-530
          HP PhotoSmart A-532
          HP Photosmart A-536
          HP PhotoSmart A-538 COMPACT Photo
          HP Photosmart A-610
          HP Photosmart A-616
          HP PhotoSmart A-622
          HP Photosmart A-626
          HP Photosmart A-627
          HP Photosmart A-630
          HP PhotoSmart A-636
          HP PhotoSmart A-640
          HP PhotoSmart A-640 Series
          HP PhotoSmart A-646
          HP Photosmart A-710
          HP Photosmart A-716
          HP Photosmart A-717
          HP Photosmart A-826
          HP PhotoSmart All In One B-109 N
          HP PhotoSmart All In One B-109 R
          Canon Satera LBP 6330