These printers use the C9449A cartridge:
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          HP DesignJet T-1200
          HP DesignJet Z-2100
          HP DesignJet Z-2100-24 IN
          HP DesignJet Z-2100-24 Inch
          HP DesignJet Z-2100-44 IN
          HP DesignJet Z-2100-44 Inch
          HP DesignJet Z-3100
          HP DesignJet Z-3100-24 IN
          HP DesignJet Z-3100-24 Inch
          HP DesignJet Z-3100-44 IN
          HP DesignJet Z-3100-44 Inch
          HP DesignJet Z-3100 PS 24 IN
          HP DesignJet Z-3100 PS 24 Inch
          HP DesignJet Z-3100 PS 44 IN
          HP DesignJet Z-3100 PS 44 Inch
          HP DesignJet Z-3200-24 IN
          HP DesignJet Z-3200-24-Inch Wideformat
          HP DesignJet Z-3200-44 IN
          HP DesignJet Z-3200-44-Inch Wideformat
          HP DesignJet Z-3200 PS 24 IN
          HP DesignJet Z-3200 PS 24-Inch Wideformat
          HP DesignJet Z-3200 PS 44 IN
          HP DesignJet Z-3200 PS 44-Inch Wideformat
          HP DesignJet Z-5200
          HP DesignJet Z-5200 PS
          HP DesignJet Z-5400 POSTSCRIPT EPrinter
          HP DesignJet HD PRO