These printers use the C9351AN cartridge:
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          HP DeskJet 3910
          HP DeskJet 3915
          HP DeskJet 3918
          HP DeskJet 3920
          HP DeskJet 3930
          HP DeskJet 3930 V
          HP DeskJet 3938
          HP DeskJet 3940
          HP DeskJet 3940 V
          HP DeskJet D-1320
          HP DeskJet D-1330
          HP DeskJet D-1341
          HP DeskJet D-1360
          HP DeskJet D-1420
          HP Deskjet D-1430
          HP DeskJet D-1445
          HP DeskJet D-1455
          HP DeskJet D-1520
          HP DeskJet D-1530
          HP DeskJet D-1550
          HP DeskJet D-1555
          HP DeskJet D-1560
          HP DeskJet D-1568
          HP DeskJet D-2320
          HP DeskJet D-2330
          HP DeskJet D-2345
          HP DeskJet D-2360
          HP DeskJet D-2368
          HP DeskJet D-2400
          HP DeskJet D-2400 Series
          HP DeskJet D-2430
          HP DeskJet D-2445
          HP DeskJet D-2460
          HP DeskJet D-2466
          HP DeskJet D-2468
          HP DeskJet F-300
          HP DeskJet F-300 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-335
          HP DeskJet F-340
          HP DeskJet F-350
          HP DeskJet F-375
          HP DeskJet F-378
          HP DeskJet F-378 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-379
          HP DeskJet F-379 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-380
          HP DeskJet F-388
          HP DeskJet F-388 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-394
          HP DeskJet F-2110
          HP DeskJet F-2120
          HP DeskJet F-2128
          HP DeskJet F-2140
          HP DeskJet F-2179
          HP DeskJet F-2179 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-2180
          HP DeskJet F-2185
          HP DeskJet F-2185 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-2187
          HP DeskJet F-2188
          HP DeskJet F-2200
          HP DeskJet F-2200 Series
          HP DeskJet F-2210
          HP DeskJet F-2212
          HP DeskJet F-2214
          HP DeskJet F-2224
          HP DeskJet F-2224 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-2240
          HP DeskJet F-2250
          HP DeskJet F-2275
          HP DeskJet F-2276
          HP DeskJet F-2276 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-2280
          HP DeskJet F-2290
          HP DeskJet F-4100
          HP DeskJet F-4135
          HP DeskJet F-4140
          HP DeskJet F-4150
          HP DeskJet F-4175 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-4180
          HP DeskJet F-4180 MFP
          HP DeskJet F-4188 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-4190 All In One
          HP DeskJet F-4194 All In One
          HP FAX 1250
          HP FAX 3180
          HP OfficeJet 4300 All In One
          HP OfficeJet 4310
          HP OfficeJet 4315
          HP OfficeJet 4315 All In One
          HP OfficeJet 4315 V
          HP OfficeJet 4315 XI
          HP OfficeJet J-3508 All In One
          HP OfficeJet J-3600
          HP OfficeJet J-3606 All In One
          HP OfficeJet J-3625
          HP OfficeJet J-3635
          HP OfficeJet J-3640
          HP OfficeJet J-3650
          HP OfficeJet J-3680
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1401
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1402
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1403
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1406
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1408
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1410
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1410 All In One
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1410 V
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1410 V All In One
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1410 XI
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1410 XI All In One
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1415
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1417
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 1417 All In One