These printers use the C6578 cartridge:
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          HP Color Copier 180
          HP Color Copier 190
          HP Color Copier 280
          HP Color Copier 290
          HP Color Copier 310
          HP Color Copier 310 Digital
          HP DeskJet 916 C
          HP DeskJet 920 C
          HP DeskJet 920 CVR
          HP DeskJet 920 CXI
          HP DeskJet 930 C
          HP DeskJet 930 CM
          HP DeskJet 932 C
          HP DeskJet 934 C
          HP DeskJet 935 C
          HP DeskJet 940 C
          HP DeskJet 940 CVR
          HP DeskJet 940 CW
          HP DeskJet 940 CXI
          HP DeskJet 948 C
          HP DeskJet 950 C
          HP DeskJet 952 C
          HP DeskJet 955 C
          HP DeskJet 957 C
          HP DeskJet 959 C
          HP DeskJet 960 C
          HP DeskJet 960 CSE
          HP DeskJet 960 CXI
          HP DeskJet 970 C
          HP DeskJet 970 CSE
          HP DeskJet 970 CXI
          HP DeskJet 980 C
          HP DeskJet 980 CXI
          HP DeskJet 990 C
          HP DeskJet 990 CM
          HP DeskJet 990 CSE
          HP DeskJet 990 CXI
          HP DeskJet 995 C
          HP DeskJet 995 CK
          HP DeskJet 1180 C
          HP DeskJet 1220 C
          HP DeskJet 1220 C-PS
          HP DeskJet 1220 CSE
          HP DeskJet 1220 CXI
          HP DeskJet 1280
          HP DeskJet 3810
          HP DeskJet 3816
          HP DeskJet 3820
          HP DeskJet 3820 V
          HP DeskJet 3820 W
          HP DeskJet 3822
          HP DeskJet 6112
          HP DeskJet 6112 C
          HP DeskJet 6122
          HP DeskJet 6127
          HP DeskJet 9300
          HP DeskJet 9300 DES
          HP DeskJet P-1000
          HP DeskJet P-1100
          HP DeskJet P-1100 XI
          HP Digital Copier 310
          HP Digital Copier Printer 310
          HP FAX 1200 Series
          HP FAX 1220
          HP FAX 1220 CI
          HP FAX 1220 Series
          HP FAX 1220 XI
          HP FAX 1230
          HP FAX 1230 XI
          HP OfficeJet 5105
          HP OfficeJet 5110
          HP OfficeJet 5110 A21
          HP OfficeJet 5110 V
          HP OfficeJet 5110 XI
          HP OfficeJet G-55
          HP OfficeJet G-55 XI
          HP OfficeJet G-85
          HP OfficeJet G-85 XI
          HP OfficeJet G-95
          HP OfficeJet K-60
          HP OfficeJet K-60 XI
          HP OfficeJet K-80
          HP OfficeJet K-80 XI
          HP OfficeJet V-30
          HP OfficeJet V-40
          HP OfficeJet V-40 XI
          HP OfficeJet V-45
          HP PhotoSmart 1000
          HP PhotoSmart 1000 XI
          HP PhotoSmart 1100
          HP PhotoSmart 1100 XI
          HP PhotoSmart 1115
          HP PhotoSmart 1115 CVR
          HP PhotoSmart 1115 VM
          HP PhotoSmart 1215
          HP PhotoSmart 1215 VM
          HP PhotoSmart 1218
          HP PhotoSmart 1218 XI
          HP PhotoSmart 1315
          HP PhotoSmart 1315 VM
          HP PhotoSmart P-1000
          HP PhotoSmart P-1000 XI
          HP PhotoSmart P-1100
          HP PhotoSmart P-1100 XI
          HP PhotoSmart P-1215
          HP PhotoSmart P-1215 VM
          HP PhotoSmart P-1218
          HP PhotoSmart P-1218 XI
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 700 SE
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 720
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 750
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 750 All In One
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 750 SE
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 750 XI
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 750 XI All In One
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 760
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 900 SE
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 920
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 950
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 950 All In One
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 950 SE
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 950 VR
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 950 VR All In One
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 950 XI
          HP Printer Scanner Copier 950 XI All In One
          Decision-Data DeskJet 6127
          Microboards Print Factory
          Olivetti Jobjet P-200