These printers use the C4843A cartridge:
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          HP 2000 C Professional Series
          HP 2000 Printer
          HP 2500 CSE Professional Series
          HP 2500 CXI Professional Series
          HP 2500 C Professional Series
          HP 2500 Professional Printer
          HP Business InkJet 2000
          HP Business InkJet 2000 CN
          HP Business InkJet 2000 CSE
          HP Business InkJet 2000 CXI
          HP Business InkJet 2500 C
          HP Business InkJet 2500 C Plus
          HP Business InkJet 2500 CM
          HP Business InkJet 2500 CSE
          HP DesignJet 100
          HP DesignJet Colorpro cad
          HP DesignJet Colorpro ga
          HP DeskJet 2000 CN
          HP DeskJet 2000 CSE
          HP DeskJet 2000 CXI
          HP DeskJet 2500 CXI
          HP HP 2000
          HP HP 2000 C
          HP HP 2000 CN
          HP HP 2000 CSE
          HP HP 2000 CXI
          HP HP 2500 C
          HP HP 2500 C Plus
          HP HP 2500 CM
          HP HP 2500 CSE
          HP HP 2500 CXI
          HP HP 2500 SCE
          HP HP 2500 SXI