These printers use the BCI-5C cartridge:
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          Canon BJ F-930
          Canon BJ I-865
          Canon BJ I-905 D
          Canon BJ S-800
          Canon BJ S-820
          Canon BJ S-820 D
          Canon BJ S-830 D
          Canon BJ S-900
          Canon BJC 6200
          Canon BJC 8200
          Canon BJC 8200 Photo
          Canon BJC S-800
          Canon BJC S-820 D
          Canon BJC S-900
          Canon BJC S-9000
          Canon BJF 850
          Canon BJF 860
          Canon BJF 870
          Canon I 560
          Canon I 560 Photo Printer
          Canon I 560 Photo PTR
          Canon I 560 S
          Canon I 860
          Canon I 860 Photo Printer
          Canon I 860 Photo PTR
          Canon I 865 Photo Printer
          Canon I 865 Photo PTR
          Canon I 900
          Canon I 900 D
          Canon I 900 D Photo Printer
          Canon I 900 D Photo PTR
          Canon I 905 D
          Canon I 950
          Canon I 950 Photo Printer
          Canon I 950 Photo PTR
          Canon I 960
          Canon I 960 Photo Printer
          Canon I 960 Photo PTR
          Canon I 965
          Canon I 965 D
          Canon I 990
          Canon I 9000
          Canon I 9100
          Canon I 9900
          Canon I 9950
          Canon MultiPass 780
          Canon Pixma IP-3000
          Canon Pixma IP-4000
          Canon Pixma IP-4000 R
          Canon Pixma IP-5000
          Canon Pixma IP-6000
          Canon Pixma Ip-6000 D
          Canon Pixma IP-8500
          Canon Pixma MP-730
          Canon Pixma MP-750
          Canon Pixma MP-760
          Canon Pixma MP-780
          Canon Pixus 900 PD
          Canon Pixus 990 I
          Canon S 800
          Canon S 820
          Canon S 820 D
          Canon S 830
          Canon S 830 D
          Canon S 900
          Canon S 4500
          Canon S 9000