These printers use the BCI-3BK cartridge:
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          Canon BJ 6100
          Canon BJC 3000
          Canon BJC 3000 Series
          Canon BJC 3010
          Canon BJC 6000
          Canon BJC 6100
          Canon BJC 6200
          Canon BJC 6500
          Canon BJC 8200 Photo
          Canon BJF 300
          Canon BJF 600
          Canon BJF 610
          Canon BJF 850
          Canon BJF 6100
          Canon I 550
          Canon I 550 ColorBJ Printer
          Canon I 550 X
          Canon I 560
          Canon I 560 Photo Printer
          Canon I 560 Photo PTR
          Canon I 560 S
          Canon I 850
          Canon I 850 Photo Printer
          Canon I 850 Photo PTR
          Canon I 865
          Canon I 880
          Canon I 6500
          Canon I 8650
          Canon ImageClass Mp-700
          Canon ImageClass Mp-730
          Canon MultiPass C-100
          Canon MultiPass C-400
          Canon MultiPass C-600
          Canon MultiPass C-600 F
          Canon MultiPass C-700
          Canon MultiPass C-755
          Canon MultiPass F-30
          Canon MultiPass F-50
          Canon MultiPass F-60
          Canon MultiPass F-80
          Canon MultiPass MP-700
          Canon MultiPass MP-730
          Canon Pixus MP-700
          Canon Pixus MP-730
          Canon S 360
          Canon S 400
          Canon S 450
          Canon S 500
          Canon S 520
          Canon S 530 D
          Canon S 600
          Canon S 630
          Canon S 630 Network
          Canon S 750
          Canon S 4500
          Canon SmartBase MP-200
          Canon SmartBase MP-200 Photo
          Canon SmartBase MP-700
          Canon SmartBase MP-730
          Canon SmartBase MP-730 Photo
          Canon SmartBase MPC 400
          Canon SmartBase MPC 600 F
          Canon SmartBase MPC 660 F