These printers use the 9828 cartridge:
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          Gestetner DSM 735 E
          Gestetner DSM 745 E
          Lanier LD 040
          Lanier LD 040 B
          Lanier LD 040 SP
          Lanier LD 040 SPF
          Lanier LD 050
          Lanier LD 050 B
          Lanier LD 050 SP
          Lanier LD 050 SPF
          Lanier LD 140 G
          Lanier LD 140 SP
          Lanier LD 150 G
          Lanier LD 150 SP
          Lanier LD 335
          Lanier LD 345
          Lanier LD 345 SP
          Lanier MP 4002
          Lanier MP 4002 SP
          Lanier MP 5002
          Lanier MP 5002 SP
          Ricoh SP 8200N
          Ricoh SP 8300N
          Ricoh Aficio MP-4000
          Ricoh Aficio MP-4000 B
          Ricoh Aficio MP-4000 BADR
          Ricoh Aficio MP-4000 SP
          Ricoh Aficio MP-4000 SPF
          Ricoh Aficio MP-4001
          Ricoh Aficio MP-4001 G
          Ricoh Aficio MP-4001 SP
          Ricoh Aficio MP-4002
          Ricoh Aficio MP-4002 SP
          Ricoh Aficio MP-5000
          Ricoh Aficio MP-5000 B
          Ricoh Aficio MP-5000 BADR
          Ricoh Aficio MP-5000 SP
          Ricoh Aficio MP-5000 SPF
          Ricoh Aficio MP-5001
          Ricoh Aficio MP-5001 G
          Ricoh Aficio MP-5001 SP
          Ricoh Aficio MP-5002
          Ricoh Aficio MP-5002 SP
          Savin 8035 E MFP
          Savin 8035 E
          Savin 8045 E MFP
          Savin 8045 E
          Savin 9040
          Savin 9040-40PPM
          Savin 9040 B
          Savin 9050
          Savin 9050-50PPM
          Savin 9050 B
          Savin 9050 SP
          Savin 9050 SPF
          Savin 9240 G
          Savin 9240 SP
          Savin 9250 G
          Savin 9250 SP
          Savin MP-4002
          Savin MP-4002 SP
          Savin MP-5002
          Savin MP-5002 SP