These printers use the 92274A cartridge:
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          HP LaserJet 4 L
          HP LaserJet 4 ML
          HP LaserJet 4 MP
          HP LaserJet 4 P
          Apple LaserWriter 4 /600
          Apple LaserWriter 4-600 PS
          Apple LaserWriter 300
          Apple LaserWriter 320
          Apple Personal LaserWriter 300
          Apple Personal LaserWriter 320
          Canon EPP
          Canon LBP 4 U
          Canon LBP 430
          Canon LBP 430-4PPM
          Canon LBP 430 W
          Canon LBP A-404 F
          Canon LBP A-404 GII
          Canon LBP A-404 PS
          Canon LBP PX
          Canon LBP PX II
          Canon P 90
          Canon Series 4 L
          Canon Series 4 ML
          Canon Series 4 MP
          Canon Series 4 P
          JBCC 5034
          Lasermaster Winprinter 1000