These printers use the 885372 cartridge:
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          Ricoh Aficio AP-3800 C
          Ricoh Aficio AP-3800 C D
          Ricoh Aficio AP-3800 C DL
          Ricoh Aficio AP-3800 C DT1
          Ricoh Aficio AP-3800 C DT2
          Ricoh Aficio AP-3800 C MF
          Ricoh Aficio AP-3850 C
          Ricoh Aficio AP-3850 C D
          Ricoh Aficio AP-3850 C DT2
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7000
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7000 CMF
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7000 D
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7000 DL
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7000 DT1
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7000 DT2
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7000 MF
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7100
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7100 D
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7100 DL
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7100 DT1
          Ricoh Aficio CL-7100 DT2
          Ricoh AP 3800 C
          Ricoh AP 3850 C
          Ricoh CL 7000
          Gestetner 3800 U
          Gestetner C 7435 N
          Gestetner C 7435 N D
          Gestetner C 7435 N DT1
          Gestetner DSC 38
          Gestetner DSC 38 +
          Gestetner DSC 38 F
          Gestetner DSC 38 FD
          Gestetner DSC 38 S
          Gestetner DSC 38 U
          Gestetner DSC 38 UD
          Gestetner DSC 38 UDT1
          Gestetner DSC 38 US
          Infotec IP 280
          Infotec IP C-2838
          Infotec IP C-3535
          Lanier 2138
          Lanier 2138 CMF
          Lanier 2138 E
          Lanier LP 138 C
          Lanier LP 138 C DT1
          Lanier LP 138 CMF
          Lanier LP 235 C
          Lanier LP 235 C DT1
          Lanier LP 235 CD
          Nashuatec DSC 38 U
          Rex DSC 38 U
          Savin CLP 28
          Savin CLP 28 D
          Savin CLP 28 DT1
          Savin CLP 28 S
          Savin CLP 35
          Savin CLP 35 D
          Savin CLP 35 DT1
          Savin CLP 38 C
          Savin CLP 38 CD
          Savin CLP 38 CDL
          Savin CLP 38 CDT1
          Savin CLP 38 CDT2
          Savin CLP 38 CS
          Savin SLP 28 C
          Savin SLP 38 C
          Savin SLP 38 CD
          Savin SLP 38 CDE
          Savin SLP 38 CDL
          Savin SLP 38 CDT1
          Savin SLP 38 CDT2
          Savin SLP 38 CS