These printers use the 18C0032 cartridge:
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          Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-810
          Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-812
          Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-815
          Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-816
          Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-818
          Lexmark Home Copier Plus
          Lexmark P 915
          Lexmark P 4330
          Lexmark P 4350
          Lexmark P 6210
          Lexmark P 6250
          Lexmark P 6350
          Lexmark P 8350
          Lexmark Photo JetPrinter P-915
          Lexmark Photo JetPrinter P-6250
          Lexmark X 3330
          Lexmark X 3350
          Lexmark X 3530
          Lexmark X 5210
          Lexmark X 5250
          Lexmark X 5250 All In One Printer
          Lexmark X 5260
          Lexmark X 5270
          Lexmark X 5270 All In One Printer
          Lexmark X 5450
          Lexmark X 5470
          Lexmark X 7170
          Lexmark X 7170 All In One Printer
          Lexmark X 7300
          Lexmark X 7300 Series
          Lexmark X 7350
          Lexmark X 8350
          Lexmark Z 810
          Lexmark Z 812
          Lexmark Z 815
          Lexmark Z 816
          Lexmark Z 818
          Lexmark Z 818 ColorJet Printer