These printers use the 1382625 cartridge:
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          Lexmark Optra 2000
          Lexmark Optra S-1000
          Lexmark Optra S-1250
          Lexmark Optra S-1250 N
          Lexmark Optra S-1255
          Lexmark Optra S-1255 N
          Lexmark Optra S-1620
          Lexmark Optra S-1620 N
          Lexmark Optra S-1625
          Lexmark Optra S-1625 N
          Lexmark Optra S-1625 N Solaris
          Lexmark Optra S-1650
          Lexmark Optra S-1650 N
          Lexmark Optra S-1855
          Lexmark Optra S-1855 N
          Lexmark Optra S-2420
          Lexmark Optra S-2420 N
          Lexmark Optra S-2450
          Lexmark Optra S-2450 N
          Lexmark Optra S-2455
          Lexmark Optra S-2455 N
          Lexmark Optra S-4059
          Lexmark Optra S Series (All Models)
          Lexmark OptraImage S
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 9712
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 9716
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 9718
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 9724
          Data-General 6955
          Data-General 6964
          Data-General 6970
          Gestetner 6312
          Gestetner 6316
          Gestetner 6318 Plus
          Gestetner 6324
          Gestetner 6324 Plus
          Tally T 9024
          Tally T 9024 N
          Tally-Genicom T 9024
          Tally-Genicom T 9024 N