These printers use the 12A6730 cartridge:
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          Lexmark Optra T-520
          Lexmark Optra T-520 D
          Lexmark Optra T-520 N
          Lexmark Optra T-520 N SBE
          Lexmark Optra T-520 SBE
          Lexmark Optra T-520 VN
          Lexmark Optra T-522
          Lexmark Optra T-522 N
          Lexmark T 520
          Lexmark T 520 D
          Lexmark T 520 DN
          Lexmark T 520 N
          Lexmark T 520 N SBE
          Lexmark T 520 SBE
          Lexmark T 522
          Lexmark T 522 DN
          Lexmark T 522 N
          Lexmark X 520
          Lexmark X 520 MFP
          Lexmark X 522
          Lexmark X 522 MFP
          Lexmark X 522 S
          Lexmark X 522 S MFP
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 130
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 130 N
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 132
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 132 N
          Gestetner P 6220
          Micro-Plex Rapid 18-3
          Micro-Plex Rapid 24-3
          Nashuatec P 6220
          Nashuatec P 6225