These printers use the 12A5745 cartridge:
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          Lexmark 4069 OPTRA T
          Lexmark Optra 612 N
          Lexmark Optra 4069
          Lexmark Optra T-610
          Lexmark Optra T-610 N
          Lexmark Optra T-610 N Solaris
          Lexmark Optra T-610 NL Solaris
          Lexmark Optra T-612
          Lexmark Optra T-612 N
          Lexmark Optra T-612 N Solaris
          Lexmark Optra T-612 V
          Lexmark Optra T-612 VN
          Lexmark Optra T-614
          Lexmark Optra T-614 DX
          Lexmark Optra T-614 N
          Lexmark Optra T-614 N Solaris
          Lexmark Optra T-614 NL
          Lexmark Optra T-614 NL Solaris
          Lexmark Optra T-616
          Lexmark Optra T-616 N
          Lexmark Optra T-616 N Solaris
          Lexmark Optra Image 610 SX
          Lexmark Optra Image 614 DX
          Lexmark Optra Image 614 S
          Lexmark Optra Image T-610 SX
          Lexmark Optra Image T-614 DX
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 15
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 20
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 25
          Burroughs-Unisys UDS 35