These printers use the 12A1975 cartridge:
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          Lexmark 3100 MFP
          Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-12
          Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-22
          Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-32
          Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z-705
          Lexmark P 705
          Lexmark P 705 Photo
          Lexmark P 706
          Lexmark P 707
          Lexmark P 707 Photo
          Lexmark P 707 PhotoJet Printer
          Lexmark P 3120
          Lexmark P 3140
          Lexmark P 3150
          Lexmark P 3150 Print-Trio Photo
          Lexmark Photo JetPrinter P-707
          Lexmark Photo JetPrinter Z-705
          Lexmark Z 12
          Lexmark Z 12 ColorJet Printer
          Lexmark Z 22
          Lexmark Z 22 ColorJet Printer
          Lexmark Z 32
          Lexmark Z 32 ColorJet Printer
          Lexmark Z 41
          Lexmark Z 703
          Lexmark Z 705
          Lexmark Z 705 PhotoJet Printer
          Lexmark Z 706 PhotoJet Printer
          Lexmark Z 707
          Lexmark Z 708
          Lexmark Z 715
          Lexmark Z 715 PhotoJet Printer
          Kodak PM 200
          Kodak PM 215